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Jockstrap made of finest combination of fabrics. Made of 80% Cotton, 10% Polyester & 10% Elastane. Big pouch to keep your jewels safe. Thick ( 5 centimeters) plain waistband with AD silicon logo tone on tone. Pouch made with grey rib and  black rubber fetish fabric. Back black bands to lift your cute ass. Proudly designed & made in Barcelona
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Sexy g-string made of rubber fabric (95% Polyester - 5% Elastane). Frontal tape with metallic rings, very big pouch capacity. Silicone cockring removable. AD Fetish silicone tag in the back side.
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Basic jockstrap made of xantung fabric Composition: 90% Polyester - 10% Elastane ADDICTED Jacquard waistband in black and yellow Black elastic bands in the back Perfect fit and extremely soft fabric Proudly designed and made in Barcelona
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New and innovative jockstrap made of finest fabric Composition of the garment: 95% polyester- 5% elastane Black laminated fabric with a film which imitates the rubber fabric Front Zip to play with it RING UP technology incorporated (removable) Black and wide waistband with AD black logo in silicon in the middle of the waistband Back bands to lift your...
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Jock-up made of the finest fabrics 50% polyester & 50% viscose AD silicone logo on a wider waistband Kango technology, a "pouch" which holds everything in place Enjoy freedom with your ding dongs in a comfy and embracing pouch ;-) Made & designed in Barcelona
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80% polyamide & 20% elastane This slip leaves the back side exposed camouflage panel on the front Low rise Logo Addicted on the front Designed & made in Barcelona
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Original jockstrap 80% polyamide & 20% elastane Camouflage panel on the front Low rise Logo Addicted on the front Designed & made in Barcelona
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